40 UNDER 40: On the Rise

Selecting the list of 40 inspiring and dedicated professionals under the age of 40 this year was no easy task. Nominations included company presidents, CEOs, accomplished men and women in the fields of finance, architecture, engineering, energy, higher education, health care, communication, technology and so many more. They all have worked their way to the success they enjoy today, and they all will continue to climb that ladder, working harder and achieving even greater things. Some dreamed of the career they have since they were small; some fell onto their paths through unexpected changes in plans or a realization of raw talent. However they got where they are, they are leaders in their industries and Prairie Business is pleased to present this year’s honorees.

The main lobby


The Sioux Falls (S.D.) Regional Airport renovation nears completion, ending a string of redesigns in the past few years

Architecture Inc. team members test the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset

ARCHITECTURE: Instant Results

3-D, virtual reality and modeling technology advancements benefit architects and clients

Lonni Fleck

BUSINESS INSIDER: Persistent Leader

Lonni Fleck strives to set herself apart from her peers

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